Excellent therapeutic tool to achieve immediate, reproducible and measurable results. Great Workshop!

- Pablo Laver MD
General Practitioner
Massage Therapist

FFT has pushed the boundaries of clinical science… and improved outcomes for patients and clients. The best pain relief technique I know.

- Karen Lucas
B.Ap.Sci, Hons
Ad. Dip, Myotherapy
PhD, (cand).

I have no hestitation in highly reconmending FFT, it enabled the dancers to work and perform without pain and allowed me rehabilitate dancers in a pain free environment.

- Noelle Shader
The Australian Ballet
Ballet Mistress and Rehabilitation Facilitator
Australian Centenary Medal

FFT helps with patient compliance. Patients and athletes are able to stretch and be treated.

- Stuart Hinds
Soft Tissue Therapist
Victoria University of Technology
Geelong Football Club
Olympic Games

I have found FFT to be a very useful tool for effective relief of both acute and chronic pain. It greatly facilitates early movement and exercise

- Sue Hyland
APA/MPA Manipulative Physiotherapist

Astonishing results for immediate pain relief for most any musculoskeletal pain problems presented to a massage therapist.

- Kathy Honeck
Remedial Massage Therapist

The workshop has already helped some of the gymnasts I work with.

- Narelle Davis
Myotherapist for the Victorian Institute of Sport
Australian Gymnastics Team
Olympic and Commonwealth Games

The main aim of the rehabilitation team is to increase range of movement and decrease pain, so incorporating FFT into the treatment regime is most effective.

- Susan Mayes
Principal Physiotherapist
The Australian Ballet

I have used this method on some of my patients over the years with outstanding therapeutic success.

- Dr Ronald C. Suss
General Practitioner,
North Melbourne Medical Centre

Thanks again for your truly ‘inspiring’ course. To have a patient come to me in pain and then leave with, reduced symptoms or better yet pain free and an increase in range never ceases to make my day. With the addition of this ‘pearl’ in my toolbox of options; my mind boggles with the possibilities!!!.

- Jeanette Jenkinson
Soft Tissue Therapist

We all had the opportunity to witness instant results as we practiced it on each other during the workshop. I have been using FFT on my patients from the very next day following the FFT workshop. The treatment possiblities seem endless…

- Liz Walker
Adv.Dip.Health Sci (Myotherapy) PhD)
Musculoskeletal Management, Mast. Appl. Sci
Masters of Chriopractic (ST)

Dramatic effects! FFT is working wonders, for so many people, from all walks of life, I’ve nearly had people in tears with relief… it is truly awesome…

- Ben Neves
Sports Massage Therapist UK
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